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We Have Launched!

1st August 2020

Doctors for Choice Malta, the Women’s Rights Foundation, and Women for Women are proud to announce the launch of our new joint initiative: the family planning advisory service (FPAS) Malta.

FPAS is the first pro-choice helpline and advisory service of its kind in Malta, and it is free of charge. FPAS is run by trained volunteers, supported by medical and social professionals, who can provide reliable information to people in Malta on reproductive healthcare and options, including how to access safe abortion and contraception. FPAS volunteers are pro-choice and can help clients whatever their decision.


FPAS aims to overcome barriers and taboos to enable people in Malta, particularly women, to access the reproductive healthcare they need. In Malta, where reproductive rights lag behind those in other European countries, women often find it difficult to find unbiased and factual information on reproductive healthcare, even through official channels such as the national health service. This is why we felt there is a need for a pro-choice service like FPAS.

Clients can contact FPAS by phoning the helpline 2778 2758, via chat through the website or  via email on Clients can ask to speak to volunteers in the following languages: Maltese, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Serbian and Arabic. All communication is strictly confidential. More information can be found on our website

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