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Differences between Women on Web and Women Help Women

Women on Web and Women Help Women are both reputable organisations that offer online consultations to women who need an abortion in countries where abortion is restricted, and provide them with abortion pills to use at home. Both organisations have medical professionals working with them who can advise women before, during, and after abortion.

When ordering abortion pills, women will be faced with a choice between these two organisations. The process to order the pills is similar for both organisations. They are both online services and women complete online consultations on their websites. During the consultation process women are asked questions about their pregnancy, how far along they are, about their health, whether they take any other medications, and whether they have any allergies. This information is then reviewed by the organisations, and if it is deemed safe to provide abortion pills they make a request for a donation. After the donation is paid (or some sort of agreement is reached if the woman has financial difficulty), the abortion pills are shipped to the woman.

Both organisations provide combipacks containing Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The process of carrying out the abortion with pills will be the same, regardless of which organisation provides the pills. In case of difficulty during or after the abortion, both organisations promise to help women who ordered from them by providing information via email.

So what is the difference between these organisations, you might ask. Here are the main differences that may influence your decision on which organisation to choose:

Donation amount: Women on Web typically asks women in Malta for donations in the region of EUR 120. Women Help Women asks for slightly less - around EUR 75.

Typical delivery times: Shipments from Women on Web and Women Help Women have similar transit times of between 2 to 3 weeks, with those from Women on Web usually arriving a few days quicker than those from Women Help Women. Remember abortion pills can be safely used at home up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Trackable packages: Women on Web provide their clients with tracking numbers so they can track the status of their package. Women Help Women does not provide tracking numbers.

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