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About FPAS Malta

A service by:

The Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS) was launched on 1st August 2020. It is a free service provided by pro-choice volunteers and supported by three pro-choice Maltese NGOs: Doctors for Choice Malta, Women for Women Foundation, and Women's Rights Foundation.

FPAS provides information to people in Malta on sexual and reproductive health and services, and can refer you to other pro-choice service providers who will be able to help you further. Our preferred methods of contact are over the phone or via chat on this website.

You can talk to us about anything related to sexual and reproductive health, including abortion, contraception, and morning after pills.

Our volunteers work weekly shifts starting on Saturday, and we have two volunteers every shift. This means that if you contact us more than once you may be served by a different volunteer.

We set up FPAS because women in Malta have found it hard to obtain factual and unbiased information on reproductive health and services, and we wanted to change that. Our mission is to help women* in Malta obtain the reproductive care they need, and to empower women to make their own choices about reproduction and about their lives.

To learn more about what we provide and how we can help, please click here.

* Although we sometimes use the term "women" to refer to our clients, we warmly offer our services to all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

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